Re: [Evolution] Disable Digests? [was: evolution-list Digest, Vol 156, Issue 61]

On Sat, 2018-07-28 at 08:35 -0400, C. Andrews Lavarre wrote:
Thanks again to all.
Sorry to stir up what seems to a sore subject, but it's something I seem to do all the time: 
If there is a problem to be solved I always find it (or more correctly it finds me). :-( 
That has been very profitable to me as a Test & Evaluation engineer,
but obviously a pain to others... Sorry... :-(
As to the digest: 
• As a newbie here I would much prefer a normal Internet group (e.g., Google Groups) over email of any 
sort, but if email it must be then the digest is better than a constant flurry of incomings.

As has been pointed out repeatedly, there is no reason to have to deal
with a flurry of messages, even if the list had heavy traffic, which it
doesn't. A simple filter+folder setup deals with this trivially and is
what most people use. This is simply not an argument in my view.

• I think I've now learned to "Reply All" after right-clicking the

The preferred method for list messages is Reply To List, which does a
better job of threading. Reply To All is sometimes required when
someone breaks a thread, but otherwise is not necessary for list
messages with proper headers.

However, I also then have to change the sender since
Evolution no longer uses the address that received the digest (alavarre but instead inserts the default user
(alavarre gmail com) so you then get an email telling you the message
is in the moderator bit bucket awaiting approval as being sent by a

Firstly, it is definitely not good list etiquette to use more than one
address when posting. Cases of this happening occur occasionally,
normally by accident, but we will not hesitate to ban people who do
this persistently. I understand that is not exactly what you are saying
here, but please bear it in mind. In any case, if anything that is yet
another reason to avoid using digests.

Currently we have to deal manually with a fair amount of spam sent to
the list address, which the membership doesn't ever see. Note that we
are list *moderators*, not list *administrators*. We have no control
over the underlying servers, which are run by the admins.
Reducing the number of non-member posts we have to handle is a Good

• I think that embedded in-line comments are preferred over top- or

They are not only preferred, they are strongly encouraged on this list,
as in most others of a technical nature. I assume it's an oversight
that you didn't use them on this occasion.


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