Re: [Evolution] Disable Digests? [was: evolution-list Digest, Vol 156, Issue 61]

On Sat, 2018-07-28 at 07:01 -0400, Peter M Buck wrote:
I like getting one post per day. This allows me to quickly scan the
day's topics without being interrupted multiple times per day. I
just signed up for the list last week (and asked for the digest).
If the digest is eliminated, I'll probably - reluctantly -
unsubscribe. But I'd like to stay informed.

This came up a few weeks ago.

An alternative to digests with similar results is to create a folder
named "Evolution" (or even something more generic like "Mailing Lists")
then create a filter that puts all mail from this list into that

Voila!  Personalized digestifying, even for lists that don't support

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