Re: [Evolution] Disable Digests? [was: evolution-list Digest, Vol 156, Issue 61]

 C. Andrews Lavarre wrote:
As to the digest: 

• As a newbie here I would much prefer a normal Internet group (e.g., Google Groups) over
email of any sort, but if email it must be then the digest is better than a constant flurry of incomings.

I am both amused and dismayed by your "normal" characterization; it is 
email that is the original "normal", and GoogleGroups that is the newbie. 
I have extensive recent exposure to a group which was on mailman,
and owing to the unexpected death of the hosting administrator, 
was moved over, in panic mode, to a GoogleGroup. The results have not
been salubrious for anybody who (1) regularly posts replies, 
and (2) cares about how their replies look when they hit the recipient.
The GoogleGroup posts are formatted in some very odd and annoying
ways, which makes them a pain to edit.

Of course, for the utterly clueless millions who simply top-post
and never even attempt to trim a backquote, this isn't a "problem" 
they even see. Or would be likely to ever understand.

As to the supposed "flurry" of incomings, which on this list rarely
exceeds three or four messages a day, have you yet to discover 
folders and filters? Evo makes it easy to direct all your evo-list
traffic to an "Evo" folder, thereby neatly duplicating the effect
of the &$(*^%)Digest Mode. 

JMO, (and a few hundred others')



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