Re: [Evolution] Chance of Corruption?

On Thu, 2018-07-26 at 12:07 -0500, Christopher Marlow wrote:
Do I have to worry about any corruptions to emails previously
downloaded and saved away in folders?

as far as I can tell, depending on the account type, evolution doesn't
overwrite files with messages it already downloaded (it does that for
mbox, but not for Maildir or IMAP), thus the chance to have corrupted
message itself in "good accounts" is minimal. Any corruption in such
accounts mostly depends on the file system itself (caches not flushed
to the disk when the power off happened and so on), from my point of

The folder summary (folders.db files) is a different story and it also
depends on the actual account type, because with some accounts they can
be removed, which will cause their fresh rebuild, but it sometimes can
mean losing labels, follow up flags and such, especially with the On
This Computer accounts, because those do not have this information
stored anywhere else.

You can run evolution from a terminal and see whether it claims
anything there. It is able to recover from some of the issues on its
own, though not all. It will surely tell you if anything goes wrong.

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