Re: [Evolution] Calendar Timezone Issue (Outlook)

On Fri, 2018-07-13 at 18:03 -0700, Douglas Summers wrote:
[Evolution 3.28.1-2, Mint 19]

Due to some heavy rains, I needed to adjust my reminder to water the
yard (currently set to repeat every 3 days). When I copied the
date and pasted it 1 day ahead, the timezone got switched to GMT (I'm
in PDT) when the calendar synced to my phone, changing the time from
6PM to 11AM. I tried to correct this, but nothing I did would take.
After deleting and recreating the appointment, everything was fine.

that can be (and I believe it is, as long as we talk about


P.S.: The 3.28.4 is getting out today, but when it gets to your Mint,
which is already more than two months behind (from 3.28.3), I do not

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