Re: [Evolution] Filtering outbound messages problem [ CONCLUSION FAILED] Lol

I believe I have found a fix for this problem also.....

I basically had to set this alias up as if it was another email

But then also, under outgoing emails check the box that says " This
server needs authentication" and then put my main address in that box
chris cwm030 com)

And then go into Edit > Preferences> Accounts > "Evolution Email
account" > Defaults> And then set that any emails sent from this
address ( EvolutionEmail cwm030 com) save to the folder " Evolution >


Let's just say I lied...... We've got bigger problems now...

Evolution does have alias's... You are asked on the setup screen if you
have any alias's....

The problem with putting alias's in that box was I couldn't sort emails
into certain folders

Like lets say I want all emails sent from EvolutionEmail cwm030 com to
be stored in EVOLUTION > SENT ... As seen in this screenshot below.

For the life of me I could not get a filter to stop storing emails sent
from EvolutionEmail CWM030 com into the folder i've screenshotted below

So I had this bright idea that I could go and set up another email
account with just my alias. Thinking I could filter emails that way. It
works, but you'll see why later it fails in other aspects. 

( screenshots are posted in order) - Now in this screen shot, I said this in a

previous group message if I hadn't of checked the box that says server
requires auth. My emails would not send from this address the Evolution because my Exchange account would think that the EvolutionE
mail cwm030 com is the email account I sent email from everyday and it
would try to authenticate with that address and fail ( because Evolutio
nEmail cwm030 com is ONLY an ALIAS! 

 So by telling EVO to authenticate with chris cwm030 com the emails go
through without a hitch, because it is authtinicating with my mail
address. - Finally I got what I was expecting for...
Any emails sent from this address to be stored in the folder nested
under Evolution group. 

I just opened EVO for the first time today ( its now 1:26 PM CDT) and
I'm getting double emails like 2 emails of everthing from the group.
Even though I have this " alias account" set to NOT CHECK for email..

Thanks to whoever sent me the tutorial on how to set up filters. 

I was skimming through this just yesterday or the day before I believe.


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