Re: [Evolution] Font size of printed text is HUGE!

Il 25/06/2018 19:21, Francesco Porro via evolution-list ha scritto:
Il giorno lun, 25/06/2018 alle 15.45 +0200, Andre Klapper ha scritto:
On Mon, 2018-06-25 at 14:45 +0200, Francesco Porro via evolution-list
Since I rarely need to print email on paper, it's the first time
noticed this: the printing size of a text is damn huge! And I'm not
able to adjust it.

Please provide basic steps to reproduce, such as Evolution and
Webkitgtk versions plus distribution name and version.


Distro:               Arch linux (current)
Evolution:    3.28.3 
webkit2gtk:   2.20.3-1

I'm simply doing File > Print, nothing else.
This happens even if I print to PDF file.

Result: the difference between the On screen and on print font size is

E.g. this it the result of printing your mail on PDF:

So? Any ideas?


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