Re: [Evolution] Problem viewing .eml attachment

On Mon, 2017-10-30 at 09:34 +0100, Andrea Vai wrote:
Content-Type: application/octet-stream;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Content-Disposition: attachment;

this might be the reason. The message creator claims that the .eml
attachment is a generic stream, not an rfc822 message (like
application/mbox or message/rfc822 or such), thus evolution doesn't
show it as a message. At least here, when I've been trying it. My
filename in headers didn't end with an .eml "extension", but after I
added it it reproduced your issue. Thus it can be something about
interpretation of the content when it retries due to the .eml extension
being used.

I'd appreciate if you could file a bug report. I'll attach to it a test
message myself, because I've some anonymous here. Do not forget to send
a link to the bug report here, please, thus anyone interested can
follow the issue.
        Thanks and bye,

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