Re: [Evolution] No inbox

On Wed, 2017-05-24 at 16:01 +1000, nejekipl wrote:
I have tried:- 
View -> Layout -> Show side bar or simpler, press F9
But with little improvement. The inbox is still not there and no mail

could you provide a screenshot of evolution, with "censored" private
information, thus it'll be better understood what you see, please?
There are many variables which can cause Inbox not shown, being it the
side bar, the Inbox folder not being subscribed (if this is IMAP
account), the account can be disabled in Edit->Preferences->Mail
Accounts, or... I do not know what more I may try to think of and write
here with so little information you provided.

You can run evolution from a terminal, to see whether any errors are
printed there.

You might want to share what account type the "Inbox" folder you speak
about belongs to (like IMAP, EWS, On This Computer, ...). There are
many things which matter.

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