[Evolution] Default account; missing indicators

Two strange things have happened since I installed Evolution. At first, when I received incoming mail, it would trigger a message from the indicator applet in the system tray and increment the count of events. Then at some point it stopped doing that. I don't exactly remember when, but I just started noticing that it wasn't happening. I can't think of anything I installed or removed that could have affected it. I still receive indicator messages for other events, such as incoming calls on my softphone, so the indicator applet is still working. 

The other strange thing is that when I set one of my mail accounts as the default, that setting does not last beyond the current session. When Evolution exits and then I restart it, the setting of the default account is gone. I'm pretty sure this is also new behavior, as I thought this setting was retained in the past.

If these are bugs I should file reports about, fine, but I am hoping there is something simple I can do to restore right behavior.

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