Re: [Evolution] AppImage version?

On Wed, 2017-06-21 at 09:20 -0400, David Burleigh wrote:
Just looking for a stable configuration that is known to do a clean
build of Evolution 3.24.

just a note that evolution requires evolution-data-server of the same
version (that's one of the issues, because other (also system)
components depend on the evolution-data-server, thus it expands to
build more than just eds & evo, if you want to use the system prefix).

When you'll be in it, you might want to build also evolution-ews as
part of the package, which, I believe, enterprise users would
appreciate. The evolution-ews doesn't add any new dependencies.

This is not for flatpack, but maybe you'll find this article
interesting and useful:

To get an inspiration, gnome-calendar is already built under flatpak,
with its evolution-data-server, thus you can, maybe, reuse it and
replace gnome-calendar with evolution (and add evolution-ews).
(I swear I saw it somewhere already built, like in flatpak
applications, but it's not there now, thus it was possibly elsewhere).


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