Re: [Evolution] Sort so un-read messages come to the top?

On Sat, 2017-12-23 at 12:06 +0100, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
On Sat, 2017-12-23 at 10:06 +0000, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Sat, 2017-12-23 at 16:26 +1300, M wrote:
So.. Evolution still can't do something as basic as sort by unread
first, date second? 

That's a shame. 

Given that no-one in my recollection has ever requested this before, I
question your use of the term "basic".

Both of you are used to different approaches. Indeed, the term "basic"
for this particular feature is biased, it anyway is a valid

I didn't say it was invalid. I said it hadn't been requested before,
which implies there hasn't been a demand for it. If the OP wants to
file an RFE he's welcome to do so. Snarky comments about "how can Evo
not have such a basic feature" are not the way to motivate developers.

Btw. I need an MUA that comes close to my needs and at the same time
could be used for a rolling release, as well as using the same version
for another distro's long term support release. The solution for me is
using Claws for the rolling release as well as the LTS release of
another distro and at the same time to use Evolution for the rolling
release model distro only, too provide some "things" Claws doesn't

Not sure what you mean but in any case that appears to be a different


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