Re: [Evolution] Fetch PGP Public keys from LDAP?

depending on your version, the contact editor has a tab called
"Certificates", where one can add/edit/remove PGP and S/MIME
certificates for the contact. How much this is connected to an LDAP
storage I do not know.

Speaking as a Systems Administrator with ~26+ years experience: there
is not a standards adopted mechanism for storing GPG/PGP keys in a

For X509 & GPG certificates and keys GNOME provides Seahorse which can
communicate with both LDAP and HKP servers.

Generally LDAP servers use the pgp-keyserver schema <https://raw.github>
but it is not a true standard.  The vast majority of servers will have
no idea what those OIDs are.

I know this is a bummer; but for interoperability in an enterprise
space X.509 is way ahead of PGP/GPG.

On the other hand evolution will automatically match up keys [managed
via Seahorse] and e-mail addresses.

To get real integration wouldn't we need a write-back mechanism between
GNUpg and EDS/Folks?

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