Re: [Evolution] Fetch PGP Public keys from LDAP?

On Tue, 2017-12-05 at 19:31 -0500, David Burleigh wrote:
Is it possible to have Evolution fetch someone's PGP public key from
an LDAP server and use it automatically to encrypt mail for that
recipient? It would be nice if PGP public keys could be stored in
Evolution Contact records and used automatically for encrypting mail
sent to such contacts.

depending on your version, the contact editor has a tab called
"Certificates", where one can add/edit/remove PGP and S/MIME
certificates for the contact. How much this is connected to an LDAP
storage I do not know. It depends what attribute your server uses. A
brief look into the LDAP code it uses "userCertificate" attribute for
X.509 certificates. It doesn't try to extract PGP keys from the LDAP
server. You might want to file an enhancement request in GNOME bugzilla
for it. [1]

Unfortunately, these certificates are not used when signing/encrypting.
There's filled [2] for it.



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