Re: [Evolution] copy & paste oddness

> When I copy an email address into the buffer,  it refuses to paste in
> any of the address fields.


What is "the buffer" and how do you "copy" and how do you "paste"? 


The buffer is a basic system function used by all forms of editor within the system - when I
smack "copy" during a LibreOffice edit, or in a "ReplyEdit" in Evo, I presume that they both
go to the same place. The "buffer".  You may have another name for it. When I ask for 
a paste, from whatever application, that string is pulled from the buffer and pasted into
the working document. This has been the case for well over thirty years AFAIK. I don't know 
whether in current setups the buffer runs under Linux or under Gnome, but it crosses virtually
all applications that can manipulate text. If I want to copy a URL from my main browser window,
and paste it into the body of an email text message, then the buffer is involved. If I want to
pull a quote from my quotes collection and load it into a LibreWriter doc, same same.


Exact literal steps needed. (But probably you'll need to file this in
the bug tracker of your Linux distribution anyway, as 3.18.5 is very
old and not supported anymore by GNOME's Evolution developers.)



Here's the difficulty I've always had with that last, Andre;  I don't care to use the very latest 
release of any distribution, preferring to stick with the newest "LTS" (as Ubuntu styles it) version.
I've found that being on the bleeding edge uses up a lot of valuable hemoglobin :-)

But from all I have read the last several years, I conclude that I am stuck with whatever version of 
EVO ships with that latest LTS. Everything I've seen about downloading and attempting to install
the most current version of Evo into an Ubuntu distro and concomitant Gnome version which
did not contemplate that EVO version suggest that I'm letting myself in for a nightmare.

So as I have done for a long time, I'll settle for workarounds, and hope that succeeding distro 
versions might improve some aspects of the Evo experience. Why Ubuntu seems to stay so far
back in versions is unknown to me. 

I have a basic working knowledge of the nuts and bolts, but nowhere nearly enough to
tackle trying to install the latest stable Evo under an "older" distro, chasing down all the multitude
of interacting artifacts and endless dependencies that seem to be required to make it march.


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