Re: [Evolution] Exchange setting

On Sun, 2017-12-03 at 18:27 +0100, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
On Sun, 2017-12-03 at 17:21 +0000, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Sun, 2017-12-03 at 17:36 +0100, gmail wrote:
Can you recommend me a distro where the latest relase can
actually run?

Fedora 27.

A rolling release model distro, e.g. Arch Linux.

[rocketmouse@archlinux ~]$ pacman -Si evolution | head -3
Repository      : extra
Name            : evolution
Version         : 3.26.2-1

Also Debian (Buster) uses 3.26.2-1

Which ultimately your Zorin system (will be)/is based upon.
Stretch is still on 3.22 (Your current Zorin probably derives from
Jessie of five years ago plus backports)
So a multitude of choices are out there.

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