Re: [Evolution] Exchange setting

Thanks for feedback.
I think the latest available release is

Can you recommend me a distro where the latest relase can actually run?

Il 02/12/2017 21:22, Paul Smith ha scritto:
On Sat, 2017-12-02 at 20:38 +0100, gmail wrote:
my company recently switched from Lotus to MS Outlook Exchange.

Since at home I'm using Linux ( ZORIN 12.2) I configured Evolution

Everything is fine except for the fact that I can get only a part of my
folder "1111 ARCHIVI"  that in the original Outlook contains > 70
subfolders  while in Evolution almost all of them are missing ( I get
only some 5) .

When I select to "Manage Subscriptions" I get the message: "There are no
public folder servers available."

Moreover I find a folder named "Subscription problems" with 3 subfolders
( Conflicts; Server errors, Local Errors) all of them empty.
When reporting issues please provide not only the distribution and
version (thank you for that!) but also the type of Evolution account
you are using to connect to your mail server.  It's possible to connect
to Exchange in different ways.

Also, just so you know, Evolution 3.18 is 2.5 years old and is somewhat
outdated at this point.  The current release is 3.27.2.  I'm not
familiar with ZorinOS so I can't say whether it's possible to upgrade,
but when I was using Evolution with Exchange it was often necessary to
use the newest version of Evolution available.

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