Re: [Evolution] Gmail Calendar/Contacts Error after 5PM Eastern US Time

Thanks all, and sorry for the newbish using HTML and not telling you my version.

I'm on Arch Linux and using Evolution 3.22.2 (according to evolution --version).

I don't understand, because in one of the links, on October 20, the issue with GOA is marked and fixed with a commit for EDS 3.22 in Gnome 3.22. I have gnome 3.22, but I don't have the fix. Not in front of computer now, but do I not have EDS 3.22?

On Nov 15, 2016 06:32, "Pete Biggs" <pete biggs org uk> wrote:
On Tue, 2016-11-15 at 06:10 -0500, Benjamin Selzer wrote:
> Every day, around 5PM, Evolution loses the ability to connect to my
> Gmail Calendar and Contacts. Usually the error is about too many
> requests, which makes no sense, because Google allows many more
> Calendar and Contacts connects daily than Evolution is making. Odd
> that it always happens at the end of the day.
> I don't lose the ability to connect to email on Gmail, just the
> Calendar and Contacts. Gmail was added via GOA.
> I don't have the same behavior with my Exchange account.
> Any ideas?


1st, please don't post in HTML.

2nd, please could you tell us what version of Evolution you are using
(it's important, particularly for this issue)

3rd, look in the list archives.  There are long threads about these
issues with gmail recently with pointers to the relevant bug reports
and the possible solutions. For example have a look at the thread
starting at

and extending over many weeks. And the bugzilla report at

4th/finally, if you have a recent version of Evolution, then you are
probably better off using the native Gmail connection rather than going
via GOA.


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