Re: [Evolution] Evolution dark theme + 'reply' imposes dark theme in message


On Mon, 2016-11-14 at 19:16 -0500, Michael Wenyon wrote:
I am using Evolution 3.22.2 in Debian testing.

If I set Global Dark Theme 'on' in Tweak Tools, or if I set the GTK+
theme to Blackbird, then every time I 'reply' to a message with a
body, Evolution changes it so it has a dark theme: dark background,
light text etc. 

I suspect you are talking about a HTML message.

I would not mind if that was just for my display, but the dark theme
gets applied permanently to the message so that the receiver also
it that way.

That's true the change should not be propagated to the final message
unless the "Inherit theme colors in HTML mode" is enabled.

The behavior I expected is that I could work in a dark theme and my
correspondents would be unaware. It would be OK for me if 'reply'
created a draft with a white background, and I believe that Evolution
behaved that way for a short while, two versions ago or so.

In Composer Preferences, there is a setting that can be checked
'Inherit theme colors in HTML mode', but this does not seem to make
difference either way to the behavior I am describing.

So I tested in on my machine (only talking about the HTML mode here).
When I reply to HTML message, the body in the composer reflects the
theme color (black background, light font color). If I send the message
with the "Inherit theme colors in HTML mode" disabled, the final
message still contains the white background. If I enable that option,
then the final message will look the same as in the composer (black
background, light font color, ..). This looks to me as the intended and
right behavior.

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