Re: [Evolution] Gmail + Sent Messages to a local folder

I'm sorry, I'm not really sure what you want or what you are having
difficulty with.
... no difficulty at all, but I would have liked to read some pros or
cons concerning Gmail sent messages = local folder vs. Gmail sent
messages = server folder.

The question is not one of pros and cons. Gmail itself (not Evolution)
saves a copy of every email you send through it, independent of any
settings in Evolution.  So you *should not* tell Evolution to save sent
mail on the server for Gmail accounts - not only is it unnecessary to
do so, but I think it might well cause confusion when you have two
copies of every message sent.

For Gmail accounts you should configure Evolution to store sent
messages in a local folder, normally "On This Computer/Sent".

This is the advice from both Google and the Evolution team.

(If you don't use Gmail's SMTP server, then this doesn't apply.)

Hoped we could have done this without getting wires crossed, as
explaining Gmails physical folder structure vs. its virtualization might
go off topic here ?

It is on-topic in so much as it might be necessary to explain some of
the odd behaviour of Gmail accounts - but it is not Evolution specific,
any IMAP client suffers from the same problems.

Is it possible to attach a screenshot to another mail for the list
here ?

You would be better using some image service and pasting a link - that
is the way to annoy the least number of people.


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