Re: [Evolution] multiple sender addresses per account?

I was pondering such a solution too. Then again: Thunderbird provides a
pretty simple feature here that allows for setting multiple
"identities" for one account that can be chosen through the "From:"
drop-down list, grouped by account (see [1]), so I wondered
whether something like that might already be built into Evolution,

Just create an account for each of the "identities" you want - the
receiving mail type should be set to "None" so it doesn't appear in the
folder list in the left column.  That address will then be available in
the From: drop down.  It's not grouped by account because they aren't
associated with specific accounts, but it does what you want and all
the "identities" are available from all your accounts.  It's different
to how Thunderbird does it, but that doesn't mean Thunderbird does it
the "correct" way.


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