Re: [Evolution] Combined from/to header

This isn't really correct.  In the main preview window, I have columns
"From", "Subject", and "Received".  So now I click on "Sent" in the tree
at the left to look up something I sent, and those same columns remain
there, with my name in "From".  So I agree with Mellor that this is a
problem and I will be happy to support the new-feature request once
a reference appears on this list.
But I am in 2.32.3 as supplied by RedHat, maybe this is fixed in later

It's a long time since I've use a 2.32 version, but I thought it knew
about "Sent" folders and changed the view accordingly even back then.

In modern versions you can do View->Current View when in the Sent
folder and click on "As Sent Folder".  If you don't have that option,
then right click on the header bar (i.e. in the "From") and select "Add
a column" and drag the "To" header to where you want it.  You can
remove the "From" if you want.


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