Re: [Evolution] Sending ical event invites to Outlook users?

On Wed, 2016-03-02 at 11:10 +0100, Kristian Rink wrote:
Outlook related options can be found in Edit->Preferences->Composer
Preferences and more importantly in each account Properties on the
Security tab, at the very top.

Ok. What settings exactly am I looking for? Haven't found anything in
there that at least *seemed* related to my problem.

they are those mentioning Outlook, one of filenames and other one for
not signing invitations. None related, according to your answers for
the below questions.

I'm using SMTP on our local corporate MX, recipient is on the same
server as I am.

SMTP is fine. There could be a difference using evolution-ews, but SMTP
is a different thing, it just sends the invitation through email and
that's all.

Outlook apparently does display the usual "accept" / "decline" button
but upon trying to accept, there is an unqualified error message
claiming that Outlook wasn't able to process the invitation.
Unfortunately I'm not able to, in there, see any more on what's
actually going wrong. :(

Hmm, they are not much verbose, that's a pita. It's fine they can at
least parse the event.

I know the Microsoft Exchange server can be configured to auto-add
events into the calendar if received through email. Zimbra, Google and
other (public) services can do it as well. It could sometime happen
that the server wasn't able to match any of the attendees with the
user, or the invitation with any in the user's calendar, but I saw that
mainly only with the evolution-ews, thus on the evolution side. I'm
pretty sure your Outlook 2016 also uses the EWS protocol to connect to
your server, if it connects to the Exchange server.

I'd guess that the calendar server they use rejected the update of the
event for some reason. I cannot debug anything with Outlook, I do not
know whether it allows any debugging at all, nor how enable it, but if
you'd be able to reproduce this issue using evolution and connecting to
the same Calendar server, then we might find a way to debug what the
Calendar server doesn't like on the invitations.


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