Re: [Evolution] Sending ical event invites to Outlook users?

On Wed, 2016-03-02 at 10:48 +0100, Kristian Rink wrote:
sending around event invitations from within Evolution, I experienced
that Outlook users are for whichever reason unable to accept and add
these to their calendars. Is there anything on my side to be done
that, or is this an Outlook specific issue?

Outlook related options can be found in Edit->Preferences->Composer
Preferences and more importantly in each account Properties on the
Security tab, at the very top.

The behaviour also depends on couple of other things, like:
a) what service do you use to send the invitations to them?
   (SMTP, EWS, MAPI, ...)
b) are the Outlook users on the same server as you?
c) does Outlook claim anything about the invitation?
d) does Outlook show the invitation, only buttons to accept/... are missing?
e) what Evolution version are we talking about?
f) what Outlook version are we talking about?

        Thanks and bye,

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