Re: [Evolution] Evolution not properly sorting by thread

Hi Milan,

Thanks for your reply. I understand the format of the message doesn't
have anything to do with the thread sorting, but it's a data point
that seems important since my other html email folders are sorting as
I'd expect and using the default behavior that I like.

I checked my settings and do not have a "thread-children-ascending"
option but do have the "thread-latest" option and it is set to "true".

I guess what I'm saying is that I like the default behavior as it
works for me, but it seems to be working only in my html based email
folders and not my plain-text email folders. In other words, the order
of the parent to child is reversed in my plain-text only mailing list
folder (child above parent), whereas it is normal default behavior in
my html mail folder (child below parent) and both show my most current
email at the top.

I do not know how to fix it as I've checked all the available
settings. When I try to sort the thread by date again in this
plain-text email folder, it properly puts the child below the parent,
but all my new threads are at the very bottom and requires me to
scroll all the way down to see my most current email.

It just seems like the threading option is incorrectly applying the
parent-child relationship to different folders and the only thing
different about these folders that I'm aware of is the plain-text vs
html format.

Has anybody else seen this? This is with an Exchange EWS account.


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