Re: [Evolution] Google's blockage of Evolution with Gmail, and Web Presence of Evolution

Unfortunately the results from the list archive don't show up in
Google searches - for instance, if you search for "evolution gmail
setup" (which would be a reasonable search term) the first page of
results consist of Ubuntu / other distro specific forums and all
refer to setting up IMAP with Gmail.  In fact I've just gone all
way to the outer reaches of the search engine (i.e. page 10) and
still no mention at all of the mailing list archive.

Using "site:/ evolution gmail imap" gives a lot of
responses, but I guess it's not totally obvious.

Indeed, but the first (and usually only) search that people do will not
be site specific.

And to some extent I was complaining that the only results were for
IMAP - the information that you setup Gmail accounts via GoA is largely
hidden.  It's not even mentioned in the Evolution help pages that I can
find.  See for instance:

Not a mention in any of it about GoA - in fact I'm not entirely
convinced that the instructions work any more for the calendar and


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