Re: [Evolution] Google's blockage of Evolution with Gmail, and Web Presence of Evolution

 My only request now would be
that the setup wizard tell the user about the online accounts in the
Gnome settings, as I didn't know about it and I think if I had done that
first then everything would have been totally smooth.

The recent versions of Evolution do not have a specific Gnome account
type - that's why you have been asked by a few people for the version
of Evolution you are using.

It might be that if someone attempts to setup an @gmail address there
is a popup which points people to GoA, but they should, of course, be
allowed to continue with an IMAP setup if that's what they want. The
only problem is that Google is not the only account type handled by GoA
and do we really want there to be a proliferation of mail systems
detected by Evolution?


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