Re: [Evolution] Switching to browser?

On Thu, 2016-01-14 at 17:04 -0600, Leonard Evens wrote:
On Tue, 2016-01-12 at 17:04 -0500, George Reeke wrote:
On Tue, 2016-01-12 at 15:00 -0600, Leonard Evens wrote:
When reading my mail in evolution, I often click on a web link in the
message,  A tab is opened in my running browser in another window.  The
system switches me to the browser, but on another machine, I have
managed to avoid that switch.  I would like to set things up the  same
way on this machine but I can't figure out how to do it.  As things now
stand, I have to switch back to evolution each time to finish reading my

Can anyone help me? 

In RedHat Linux, gnome window system, in the System->Preferences menu,
there is an item Windows and in that popup dialog there is a check box
"Select windows when the mouse moves over them".  If you check that,
then when you move the mouse from the browser back to evolution,
you will be in evolution with the browser still running.

Where do I find System>Preferences?

Also, I think perhaps I didn't explain what I wanted.  Now when I click
on a link in a mail message, I get put in a new tab in my browser, which
is on a different page.  When I go back to the page containing
evolution, it is still running.  I would like to suppress the switch
from evolution to the browser.  I would prefer looking at the link in
the browser after I  have finished reading my mail.  I managed somehow
to get things to work that way on another machine, but I don't remember
how I did it
George Reeke

Dear Len,
   [Reply to list is not available, I think you sent to me with
just a cc to the list, so that is what I now have to do].
   You are right, I misunderstood what you wanted.  I thought
you just wanted to get back from reading a link in the browser
to where you were in evolution, so I told you how to make the
window the mouse is on be active without having to click.
   To answer that question:  Well, I find System on the RedHat
menu on the panel, but I think by default there is a different
arrangement with three main menus:  RedHat, then Places, then
a third one, that I always get rid of, so I don't know the name,
which is probably where you need to look to click System.  Then
Preferences comes up on the System menu.
   To answer your real question, I'm not sure what you mean
when you say "When I go back to the page containing evolution,
it is still running."  What is a "page" here?  another workspace?
you are somehow running evolution inside a browser page?  I mean,
if evolution is running in the normal way in its own window, and
I click on a link, the tab comes up in the browser, but the mouse
stays where it is in evolution and I have to move the mouse to
the browser to read the linked page (unless the browser is off when
I click and it comes up on top of evolution).  So it sounds like
you have some unusual arrangement where evolution is not in its
own normal window and that is what you need to change.
   George Reeke
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