Re: [Evolution] COmposing email bugs/I don't know how to do it

On Mon, 2016-12-19 at 08:54 +0800, John Edward Serink wrote:
Hi All:

New email, have name 1 in the TO space,
names 1-3 in the CC space.
I try and select name3 to move it to the To space, it refuses to
select. I highlight it and then try the Linux centre mouse button
trick, does not work.
I select it and right mouse click so that I can choose copy or cut
and when I right mouse click, it unhighlights.
I highlight name3 to update it in my address book and when I right
mouse un highlights.

I can replicate this with 3.22.3.

I can cut and paste using the keyboard: highlight ctrl-c, ctrl-v. 

Right-click un-highlights, so "copy" does nothing.  I cannot copy and
paste using the mouse.

What am I dong wrong here?


I'm doing the same thing wrong :)

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