Re: [Evolution] Unable to save attachment

On Sun, 2016-12-04 at 22:26 -0800, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
I have just received a message with an attachment that can't be saved
or sent to a helper process.  It appears in the list of messages as
having an attachment, but there seems to be no way to get at this

Appended is an extract from the start, which may be enough for
someone to figure out what's going on. Attached is Trouble.pdf, which
shows what appears when the message is displayed.

(Sending PDFs is not always welcome - PDFs can contain viruses so many
systems reject them. It's an image - just send a small image, or better
just say what it looks like.)

The HTML of the message you received says to display the attachment as
part of the body of the message which is what webkit tries to do. But
the attachment is a Word Document, and there is no mechanism within
Evolution to display Word Documents in-line so it puts in the "Missing
Plug-in" icon.

Once an attachment is identified as being part of the message, it is no
longer available as an attachment.  Many of the images in HTML messages
are actually attachments - I remember when Evo used to display them as
attachments even if they are rendered in the main message body, it was
annoying! It's just one of the many issues around HTML messages (BTW,
please don't send HTML encoded messages to the mailing list).

If you don't think this is correct behaviour, then file a bug for it.

Can anyone tell me how to save or process the attachment?

Does right clicking on the "Missing Plug-in" icon allow you to save it?
(I don't know if it does, but it's worth trying)

You could also try telling the sender to stop being stupid and
embedding Microsoft Word documents in an email from an Apple Mac. Just
get them to send it as an attachment - or better yet a plain text
email. (Please, take a smiley as assumed - the last bit was meant to be
a bit tongue-in-cheek.)


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