Re: [Evolution] Sort by sender then by date

You need to always tell us what version of Evolution you are using.

I've spent some time trying to figure this issue out, but haven't had
much luck. It seems evolution is pretty poor at secondary sorting. It
seems impossible to sort my inbox by sender and then by date (i.e
scroll down to the 100 emails from Doug and have these 100 emails
arranged with the newest on top). Am I being a bit thick and missing
something obvious?

First, threading will affect the message sort order, so that must be
taken into account.

But if you right click on the header bar of the folder and select
"Customise current view", then "Sort" you can specify up to four levels
of sorting.  You can then save the current folder view using View ->
Current View -> Save Custom View and then easily apply it to any folder
you want.


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