Re: [Evolution] Multiple Google calendars with GOA

On Thu, 2015-05-28 at 18:14 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
I have multiple calendars on my Google account, but using GOA only
the default calendar is shown in Evolution.  How can I get it to show 
the other calendars?

3.18.0 will provide WebDAV discovery, which adds all advertised
calendars/memos/tasks and even books (yes, Google also offers WebDAV
address books, but Evolution doesn't use it), thus you get that for
free. Also see the other thread about Google address books here.

The 3.16.x situation is harder, you might do things manually, but that
won't last for long (like it will be lost after restart).

Also, is it possible to show calendars shared with me on Google in

Google's default setting is to not advertise shared calendars ('shared'
like those foreign calendars you have added in the Google's Web UI).
Erick, a gnome-calendar developer, found an article about it
which points to the Google settings
where you can select which calendars are advertised through CalDAV and
which not. While it's a nice feature, the default value might be to
advertise them, instead of not.

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