Re: [Evolution] Places where Evolution stores its data

On Thu, 2015-05-28 at 20:25 +0200, Tom wrote:
I've just happened to take a look at the places for Evolution mail

this might be helpful:

It is 10 IMAP accounts and 1 NNTP account, that seems to
store meta data and cache on at least
thomas ga-78:~/.local/share/evolution/mail/1420635858 9770 2 ga-78$ 
wc -l
23737 newsgroups. I'm subscribed to 5 (FIVE) of them. Did Evolution
store the whole server ?

IMAP and NNTP goes to ~/.cache/evolution/mail/.... NNTP doesn't
download newsgroups which you are not subscribed to.

drwx------  4 thomas thomas    4096 Mai 20 09:53
1420191811 7939 3 ga-78/

All those *\ ga-78 are accounts you configured and you should see in
Edit->Preferences->Mail Accounts. If you do not, then examine the
content and eventually drop the folders.

drwx------  2 thomas thomas    4096 Mär 20 13:17

All the emae-check-authtype* can be safely deleted. That's a leftover
from some version.

drwx------ 15 thomas thomas    4096 Mai 28 17:38 local/

That stores On This Computer mails.

drwx------  2 thomas thomas    4096 Jan  2 12:17 local_mbox/

That's a backup of your mails from the migration from mbox to maildir.
If you are satisfied with the mails you see under On This Computer,
then this can be safely removed (preferably within Evolution's UI, in
Edit->Preferences->Mail Accounts).

drwxr-xr-x  2 thomas thomas    4096 Apr 16 14:55 rss/

You are possibly using evolution-rss plugin too, or you gave it a try
in the past.

drwx------  2 thomas thomas    4096 Mai 26 17:08 vfolder/

Search folders. It's more or less safe to get rid of that folder

Please note that the above applies to some recent version, like 3.10+.
I do not know what your evolution version is, the Mailer header is not
preserved for messages which the Mailman distributes to the list

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