Re: [Evolution] access to google addressbook is broken

On Thu, 2015-05-28 at 15:42 +0200, Jens Gustedt wrote:
as of some days (I think) I can't connect to my addressbook on google
anymore. They say that their authentification format has changed 3
years ago and that the old way is now phased out.
Is this my installation that is wrong (some old configuration
options?) or has there something to be done in general?

as Patrick said, general rule is to provide your version of the
Evolution as well, it helps.

In this particular case, also the current development version is
"affected", because not only OAuth-1 was stopped, but also the
ClientLogin, which the Google books (and calendars) configured directly
in the Evolution were using. Evolution doesn't support OAuth2 directly,
but it does support it indirectly, through GNOME Online Accounts, which
means to configure your Google account in there and enable only parts
you are interested in, like here disable all but Contacts. Evolution
will pick it and offer the book in the Contacts view.

If you run other than gnome-shell, then make sure you've installed
gnome-control-center, then run it and choose there "Online Accounts",
where you can manage the accounts and such. The plus of this is that
you do not need an application specific password when using GNOME
Online Accounts.

Here's the related bug report:


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