[Evolution] Upgrade Evolution outside of Ubuntu mechanism

PROBLEM STATEMENT (may repeat things you already know):

I have Lubuntu 14.04, and I use Evolution.

Lubuntu is just Ubuntu with a different desktop and otherwise
streamlined to be lighter weight on the processor (and, it refrains from
a lot of the stupid gew-gaws that Ubuntu seems to have acquired).  So it
uses the Evolution that comes with the mainstream Ubuntu.

Canonical, in their infinite wisdom, decided to disable Bogofilter in
Evolution somewhere around 13.xx or 14.04.  This leaves one with
SpamAssasin, which has always sucked for me and has recently stopped
filtering spam almost entirely, while still robbing huge amounts of
processing power from things I'd like to do.

Folks have begged for this support to be backported to Evolution in
Ubuntu 14.04, but so far there's no word from Canonical.


I'm just about out of patience.  I'd like to back up my Evolution stuff,
uninstall Evolution, and build/download/whatever the latest, or latest
pertinent Evolution, with Bogofilter support turned on, and use that.

So -- what should I do?  Assume that I've just told Evolution to make a
backup and waited for the requisite hour for it to happen, and I've
uninstalled Evolution.  Assume also that I've had the occasional success
building from source, but that I'm not an expert (Expert at small
embedded software code bases -- yes.  Expert at enormous desktop
software code bases that throw out tentacles everywhere -- no).

- Is there a binary, or should I build?
- Where should I get source?
- What configuration parameters should I give so that Bogofilter 
  will work?

It occurs to me that perhaps the safest thing to do would be to install
the source for Evolution 10.3.whatever from the Ubuntu repository, then
look around here to find out what flag it is you need to set to tell
Evolution to please use Bogofilter, then build.

Opinions?  Guidance?  

I'll even accept a measured amount of useless sympathy at this point --
I'm tired of hand deleting offers of magic devices and/or drugs to
enlarge certain organs, and dating services so that I may arrange to
test them out on the sort of women who actually respond to junk email
from dating services.


Tim Wescott
Control & Communications systems, circuit & software design.
Phone: 503.631.7815
Cell:  503.349.8432

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