Re: [Evolution] Holiday calendar

On Wed, 2015-03-25 at 11:26 +0100, Andre Klapper wrote:
Where is your "US Holidays calendar" currently located and/or 
Which Evolution version is this about?

Google begun to offer some "standard" calendars, I do not know since 
when, but I noticed them when playing with WebDAV discovery code 
recently. They offer one with "your country" holidays (do not ask me 
how they know which is your country, might be a Web UI language or 
something), and then a Birthday calendar. These are shown in the "Find 
Calendar" in the CalDAV or Google calendar type, though I've at least 
two users claiming they do not see the list in 3.16.0, the list is 
empty for them. Not for me, so hard to tell. The development version 
contains the WebDAV discovery code, which shows the list of calendars 
properly - I've got it confirmed from one of those users. I cannot 
backport the code into the stable, due to new API in evolution-data-
server (code duplication avoided too) and new strings, the same as a 
slight UI change on the evolution side (in a good way). The 
development version (3.17.1) will add all discovered Google calendars 
when it's configured using GNOME Online Accounts, but that will be 
available only in 3.18.0 stable.

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