Re: [Evolution] Ubuntu, Bogofilter, Spamassasin

On Fri, 2015-03-20 at 10:04 -0700, Tim Wescott wrote:
Paul: I'm not sure how much influence you have, but I'm (a) very much
interested in seeing this fix applied to 14.04, and (b) using 14.04
specifically because it's an LTS version and not just to be a jerk: I
use Ubuntu for my work machine, and every upgrade requires a bunch of
fiddling and fettling that comes right out of my ability to support my

I have no influence, except that of "squeaky wheel".  You should join in
the fun: the squeakier the better!

I did post a request to the bug asking Iain to backport to 14.04; it
should be a clean apply so I don't think it'll be technically much work.
I don't really know how much the procedural overhead is involved with
getting a fix into the LTS.

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