[Evolution] Ubuntu, Bogofilter, Spamassasin

Spamassassin seems to not work at all for me, as of about a month ago.
All it does is consume lots of CPU time when I mark mail as junk, but
it's not finding spam on its own.

I'd prefer Bogofilter (it just seemed to work better in Ubuntu 12), but
I've never been able to get it to work with Evolution on this iteration
of Ubuntu.

This is installed in Ubuntu 14.04.  It's version 3.10.4.

Bogofilter is installed on the system, but it does not show up in

I'm assuming that I'm missing the bogofilter plugin even though the
Synaptic page on Evolution claims that it's included.

So, um -- help?  I'm not sure how to find out what the disconnect is
between Evolution and Bogofilter (or for that matter, why Spamasassin
isn't working), but I haven't a clue.


Tim Wescott
Control & Communications systems, circuit & software design.
Phone: 503.631.7815
Cell:  503.349.8432

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