Re: [Evolution] Left-click in text field grabs window to move

It seems to happen on many applications that rely on GTK. Thunderbird
does it from the tab bar, firefox doesn't do it anymore. It's especially
annoying in Eclipse (I have an expanded window, go and click on a
toolbar button, if I miss and click the blank part of the menu bar, it
picks the window up and un-maximizes it.) I am not sure why firefox
doesn't do it, but I imagine the point/click/drag is being subclassed
for other purposes.


On 03/13/15 04:29, Florian Baumann wrote:

so I have a rather strange and slightly annoying problem with the
composer window of Evolution. Whenever I left-click in the text field,
for example to select some text or just to set the cursor at some
specific position, it grabs the window and moving the mouse moves the
window, and I'm unable to select anything.
If I left-click again, the window is dropped, and moving the mouse
selects text.
The exact behavior, especially if it selects text or not afterwards, is
dependent upon the length of the left-click.

What I also noticed, is that I can grab and move the window if I click
the menu bar, or the menu icon bar. But there, the window is dropped
again, if I let go of the left mouse button. So this seems like the
intended behavior. The left-clicking and moving in the text field don't
seem right to me.

I'm using Xfce 4.12 on Arch Linux on two machines, both show this

Thank you for your attention

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