Re: [Evolution] "OR" statement in filter rules condition

On Tue, 2015-03-17 at 21:19 +0000, Justin Musgrove wrote:
In the message rules, is there a equivalent to an "OR" statement within
a condition? One of my filter rules is dependent on the "sender" with a
variable of different subject lines. Adding an additional condition with
rule match to "any" won't work.

Sender: Contains: email address
Subject: Contains: Schedule OR Plan OR Docket OR Program OR Agendum

Does Evo already have mechanism already in place that addresses this
that I just missed?

No, I don't think you've missed anything ... at least not in 3.8.x

You basically need a rule for each of the subject lines - so each would

  All following conditions
  Sender: contains: email address
  Subject: contains: word

If your filter set up is fairly simple you could possibly put the set of
filters at the end of the processing, then the first would be

  Sender: does not contain: email address
  Stop Processing

Then the next filter would be

  Any of the following conditions
  Subject: contains: word1
  Subject: contains: word2

That at least cuts it down from 5 rules to 2!


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