Re: [Evolution] Mailing list filters

My issue is that I setup a "Mailing List Filter" for this "Evolution"
mailing list, but the filter isn't working automatically. If I press
<ctrl-y> then the message is processed properly. Filter should move the
incoming emails to a folder. I used the context menu (Create>Create a
Filter Rule for Mailing List...) off one of the mailing-list emails. I
ensured the "Apply filters to new messages in Inbox on this server" is
ticked. Still the message are not properly being filtered. This seems
like a simple task, yet I am unable to figure it out. 

You don't say what sort of account it is (imap, pop, ews, ...) but if
the message is being filtered correctly with Ctrl-Y then the filter
itself is working.

The issue is usually to do with what is a "New" message.  If you have
another client looking at the same mail, then the mail will not be
considered "New" if that client sees it first - note that "Unread" is
not the same as "New".  If the mail isn't New, then the filters won't be

There are some hints on sorting out filter issues in the Evolution help:

Help -> Contents -> Common Mail Questions -> Mail filters are not


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