Re: [Evolution] Port 993 and SSL/TLS and legitimacy in plain text at the same time

I have Linux Mint Debian Edition.
Linux 3.11-2 amd64 # 1 SMP Debian 3.11.8-1 (2013-11-13) x86_64 GNU/Linux
Evolution 3.8.5

Is there somewhere a repository for Debian with the current evolution?


Am 05.03.2015 um 14:33 schrieb Pete Biggs:

The solution for versions prior to 3.12 is to use STARTTLS instead of
SSL.  If you can't use STARTTLS, then you will need to upgrade to a
version of Evolution that doesn't have the bug.

Actually, looking more closely at the bug report, it was actually
back-ported to 3.8 & 3.10 - just make sure your distro has the most
recent version in its repositories if you have those versions of Evo.


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