[Evolution] new to evo

Hello everybody,

a few weeks ago I moved from kdepim to evolution 3.10.4, based on a
unity-14.04 ubuntu.

Up to now, I'm quite happy with that choice - allthough kdepim has more
features and may be a little more configurable, buggy akonadi in the
background drives me crazy.

A few questions remain which I couldn't google successfully. Main
problem was that google hits are contradictionary - and hints mainly
dont work. 

These are my issues:

1. How can I configure/modify keyboard shortcuts?
Mouse-over the menu item and then press the new shortcut doesnt work.
Does it work with gnome only, not with unity?

2. How can I keyboard navigate between the folders and the messages
section of the main window? Neither TAB nor arrow or else work, can I
assign shortcuts?

3. In my search folder is a "unmatched" item - which can neiter be
changed, not edited? - Is that normal, or am I doing wrong?

4. Normally I'm using plain text. Occasionally, I see text unwrapped, I
couldnt figure out for what reasons. There must be a button or feature
"force wrap ever". I found some hints in the web, but I couldnt get the

Cheers, Wolf

+ Wolf Drechsel
+ Reußstr. 3
+ 13587 Berlin
+ Fernruf: 030 / 120 11 352
+ Funkruf: 01577 / 77 23 904

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