Re: [Evolution] caldav-sync - timespan

On Mon, 2015-06-08 at 11:22 +0200, Kohlen wrote:
this don't work. I tried several times to refresh the calendar, but
always get only the +- 1 month entries.

Is there maybe a log, where I can look for issues?

you can alternatively delete local cache in
and let the calendar redownload the content. I checked the code briefly
before posting the previous email and it seemed like the refresh does
the same thing. I could read it wrong.

Anyway, the logging can be turned on by:

   $ CALDAV_DEBUG=all /usr/libexec/evolution-calendar-factory -w

Wait like 4 seconds, then run evolution and see the output of the above
command. With already populated calendar you may get a "ctag" (calendar
tag, which is changed whenever the calendar itself is changed) the same
as before and no further update is done. The Refresh function ignores
this ctag.

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