Re: [Evolution] A note, an appeal

El lun, 20-07-2015 a las 05:56 -0400, Adam Tauno Williams escribió:
On Sat, 2015-07-18 at 09:04 -0700, Jeffrey Needle wrote:
I'm using Chromixium; the latest version of Evolution is 10.4.x.  

10.4.x is not a version of Evolution.

Very old.  No one at Debian (I guess) is keeping this updated, so 

My understanding is that Debian follows upstream projects fairly

It mostly depends on which Debian release you use. Debian branches the
latest* version at freeze time and then maintains the packages applying
security fixes.

A quick search shows:
stretch and sid: evolution 3.16.3
jessie: evolution 3.12.9~git20141130.241663-1
wheezy: evolution 3.4.4-3
squeeze: evolution 3.4.4-3

As you see, there's no match to the alledged 10.4 claim. However, as
Chromixium seems to be based on Ubuntu LTS,¹ it is probably using
evolution 3.10.4 from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (aka trusty).


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