Re: [Evolution] Crash while inserting image whith hyperlink

Since switching to evolution almost two years ago, I have found various quirks when attaching files, editing messages, receiving  image-laden e-mail, and sometimes even when sending messages with attachments.  Many of these problems have gone away since I have upgraded to 3.16.0 from earlier versions including 3.10.4.  One thing that does help is shutting down evolution, and deleting the http folder from /.cache/evolution , and then restarting evolution.  This cache can get quite large if you get much e-mail with images in them.


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Subject: [Evolution] Crash while inserting image whith hyperlink
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2015 09:20:08 +0300

Hi all,

There is something wrong with Evolution 3.10.4. When I'm trying to add hyperlink to an image (in signature editor or in mail editor), Evolution is crashing with 'segmentation fault'. Can anyone tell me how can I avoid or fix this?

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