Re: [Evolution] Is there to get an unread mail indicator next to each account name?

Every email client I
have used other than Evolution always showed the number of unread
messages on the same line as the account name so you can see if 
account had anything for you to read.
Is there some way to make evolution do this? A plug-in perhaps?

I am puzzled... I am pretty sure such a displayed number is the 
default behavior... ?

There's a number against the Inbox, but when the account tree is
collapsed there is no indication against the account name.

I have mail delivered into folders other than Inbox - what do you
display in that case?  For instance, I have on one of my accounts, 1
unread in my Inbox, 31349 in one folder, 16450 in another - needless to
say I don't care about the unread mail in those folders, but there are
another three folders where I do care about new mails, probably more
than I care about new mail in my Inbox.

What about using search folders - you could have a search folder that
just displays unread emails in all your Inboxes.  Or if you want to
separate out the different inboxes, have a search folder displaying the
unread mail an individual Inbox, then just have the "Search Folders"
tree open so you can see where your new mails are.


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