Re: [Evolution] Evolution migration from Computer to Notebok

I use POP mail because:
I keep all mail that has me very, very often helped and at the end of 
the year I make a backup.

I have an archive of all mail sent to me for the last 10 years ...

No IMAP profile has enough space for a year-backup.

Really? How much mail do you get a year?

I must be able to read offline,
 my connection is fast but the provider very unreliable. So I can 
write at a pinch even letters or give a fax.

Evolution has the ability to synchronise remote imap mail locally for
this very reason - i.e. laptops when people don't have a reliable

There are other third party ways of doing it as well - such as offline

Today, hard drives big and cheap and shit on the quality.
This should be considered at the next evolution generation IMHO.

In what way?  What do you mean?

I have no experience with different versions of Evolution.
Data security is very important to me.

Security as in privacy or security as in reliability?

The fact is that Google is a NSA Tocher: At least everything is read 
and controlled and not just mail, cell phones, telephones, etc.
Therefore NSA is the name of the world terrorist organization No. 1. 
Please remember Snowden...

Do you encrypt your mail?  Do people send you encrypted mail?  If not,
then it doesn't matter which mail provider you are using be it Google
or Microsoft or some local ISP you must assume your mail is being
archived and analysed somewhere.


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