Re: [Evolution] Errors receiving mail via POP

Bart wrote:
  Why do people still use POP, when IMAP is a more
complete solution and things like offline-imap and fetchmail exist for
those who work in an offline environment?

They use POP because they do not want their mail residing on someone
else's computer.

I know it passes through other systems, but I have some messages that
reside for long periods of time in various email folders for various
reasons.  And, I feel a lot more secure doing so.

If I lose my phone, or my iPad, or my laptop, I don't need to worry
about my email accounts.

Moreover, that emails can be searched without a warrant in the US (where
most email companies are) unless you haven't read it and it is newer
than 180 days. [1]

However, I'm not so sure about the case of losing a phone/table/laptop.
If you check your email on those devices, with pop they are locally
downloading a copy, while with IMAP they can just download the
requesting messages on demand (thus protecting messages not read on
them) or even work without a local cache.
It seems like you would need to use a master system that downloads with
POP and deletes from server, with the mobile devices dowloading with POP
but leaving on the server *and* automatically removing its already
downloaded messages (after X days, when removed from server, etc…).

A better solution may be to have the mobile devices using IMAP (for
emails received when you are away) and the master system use POP to
delete them from both the server and IMAP view.

(All of this assuming a pop DELE really performs an email deletion,
instead of some other action, such as some big providers default)


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