Re: [Evolution] Errors receiving mail via POP

 Why do people still use POP, when IMAP is a more
complete solution and things like offline-imap and fetchmail exist for
those who work in an offline environment?


I prefer POP with Evolution because it is more stable for me than IMAP.
About half my accounts are POP and half are IMAP. The least stable
accounts for fetching e-mail are the IMAP accounts. So... POP continues
to rule my e-mail tech stack.

Much of my e-mail is hosted at Google but not all. I am sure someone
will say their servers suck. That may be however that is where my e-mail

If at some point, IMAP becomes as stable, I will switch to it wholesale.


Rob Seward
Bluestone Consulting Group, LLC

e-mail:  rseward bluestone-consulting com
office:   734.726.0313

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